First Independent Car Dealer to win 5 Star award

Dealer Award Scheme Praises Local Car Dealer & Calls on Others to Improve Consumer Value

  • Independent analysis reveals local dealer's prices are lower than the average for the MK area
  • Saxon bridge customer care sighted as ""excellent'
  • Used Car Expert calls on other dealers in the area to raise their game and drop their prices

Saxon Bridge, the Milton Keynes car dealer, have become the first independent car dealer to win the prestigious Used Car Expert 5 Star Dealer Award.

There are only 12 coveted Awards given each year, and with the first three going to the Top 200 main dealer groups this a real achievement for an independent retailer.

Matt Tumbridge, Editor of consumer advice guide, explains, "Saxonbridge first came to our attention because of our analysis of UK car prices revealed that their average prices are £998 less than the average price in the area for cars from the same category and of the same age."

This would of made them eligible for a 3-Star Used Car Expert Dealer Award, but Tumbridge continues.

Tumbridge believes Saxon Bridge set an example for dealers in the area and is calling upon consumers to be more picky to force lazy dealers into improving their value for money. "If a small dealership like SaxonBridge can offer so much value at such competitive prices, then why can't others in the area? If other dealers in the area are a match for SaxonBridge for customer care and value for money we'll be delighted to include them in our awards too. But looking around we don't expect many dealers to come forward."

Brett Whiles, Managing Director of Saxon Bridge said upon receiving the award, "It is wonderful that another organization has recognized the work my team put in to deliver great value. Not just low prices."