What is Supagard?

Supagard creates a long-lasting invisible barrier that protects your vehicle both inside and out.

Supagard paint sealant works in a unique way. It forms a hi-tech microfilm that bonds to your vehicle's paintwork, preventing the accumulation of grime and repelling ultra-violet rays, pollution and acid rain.

In a similar way, Supagard Interiorgard protects the fabric and carpet in your car by coating each fibre in a resin-based formula that shrugs off spillages and dirt, making them easy to remove. This invisible barrier reduces friction between the fibres, prolonging their natural texture and appearance.

Our technicians treat your car with a professional application of Supagard. The resulting showroom finish is guaranteed for 3 years

No need for annual inspections.

Supagard offers you...

Paint Sealant

Forms a tough, high-gloss, deep transparent protective barrier on your vehicle's paintwork that remains wash after wash.


An easy to use Cleaning and Protection kit, suitable for keeping your alloys in showroom condition. The removal of grime, dirt and brake dust all done with a quick wipe.


Creates a non-glossy, non-greay, anti-static matt finish on vinyl and plastic surfaces that maintain their flexibility and appearance.


Protects your fabrics and carpets by coating each fibre with a resin-based formula which won't wash out. Dirt can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.